• Perfect for those who don't want or need to commit to a treatment schedule.

  • Includes time to discuss health in detail.

  • Treatment will be given to front and back.


75 mins

New Patient Appointment

  • Great for existing patients who like a "top-up" treatment "as and when" they feel they need it.

  • No deposit needed, just pay after each session.


60 mins

Follow-up Appointment

  • Ideal for patients that prefer regular, shorter appointments to manage chronic conditions such as arthritis or chronic fatigue. 

  • Great for pregnant patients.

  • Suitable for getting rid of hangovers, occasional headaches, & colds.


30 mins

Follow-up Appointment

  • Perfect for the occasional pick me up or before a special event.

  • Uses Neals Yard Organic products.

  • Treatment includes facial gua sha massage.

  • For longer-term results, we recommend a course of weekly treatments.


90 mins



Pay as you Go

  • Saving 10% (£25) on usual price.

  • Perfect for those who are new to acupuncture & have a specific ailment that they want to treat.

  • For best results we recommend weekly or fortnightly appointments


6 Treatments

Starter Package

  • Total saving of £60 or £5 per session.

  • Perfect for managing chronic conditions.

  • Don't wait for your health to suffer, maintain wellness instead.

  • Equivalent to 1 treatment per month or 6 months of fortnightly treatments.


12 Treatments

Wellness Package

  • Total saving of £40, equivalent to 1 free treatment.

  • Includes analysis of BBT charts& Nutritional & lifestyle advice.

  • Suitable for those with a history of miscarriage, inability to conceive plus many more conditions. 

  • For those considering IVF, we recommend a course as a pre-conception health boost in order to maximise the chances of success. 


10 Treatments

Fertility Package

  • Total saving of £65, equivalent to 1 free treatment.

  • Perfect for if you have a specific area you want to target.

  • For best results we recommend weekly or fortnightly appointments. 


8 Treatments



Prepaid Packages

Terms & Conditions: Any unused treatments are non-refundable & non-transferable. Treatments must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase date.

Payment is due upfront.  Packages can be purchased as gifts.

Bioresonance Prices

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