A growing number of people in the UK are discovering the benefits of bio-resonance therapy. In England, more than 15 million people have a chronic health condition which can’t be cured by conventional medicine and can only be controlled by medication. This figure is set to increase over the next 10 years, particularly those people with 3 or more conditions at once such as high blood pressure, depression, dementia and arthritis. 

For this reason people are increasingly seeking alternative and complementary health solutions in order to understand and treat their ailments.


In order to get to the route of illness, we require extensive verbal questioning & laboratory testing or screening, but sometimes this isn’t enough and sometimes we need to understand the disharmonies from an alternative perspective. This is where Bio-resonance excels. 

The device is used for assessing organ function and not structure. Therefore it is not like an ECG, CT, MRI or an Ultrasound scan. It is completely non-invasive and involves no radioactive substances. Bio-resonance alone is not sufficient to diagnose a condition, illness or disease,  however it can give an indication of what stress the body is under and where. 

Before bio-mechanical change takes place in our bodies, it first undergoes bio-energetic change or stress. 

These stresses are often found in the form of:

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Pathogens such as bacteria & viruses

  • Disease

  • Physical injury

If we treat the bioenergetic change early enough we may be able to delay or even prevent a disease from developing. It is these dis-harmonic frequencies that the Bio-resonance machine is detecting. If detected, we can then form a treatment plan which, along with using the Bio-resonance machine to treat (Meta-therapy), may also included dietary advice, homeopathy, acupuncture and other therapies.

Our modern society encounters many forms of stress such as emotional stress,  electromagnetic radiation, pollutants and toxins, reduced nutritional value of food & longer life expectancy, these all affect our bodies ability to heal itself. 


There are a few different types of Bio-resonance machine and in our clinic we use the Non Linear System (NLS diagnostics) which is one of the most advanced information technologies available in this century.  Some devices work with radio frequencies while others gather information from the pulse and moisture present in the skin. The NLS, however functions in the realm of processing information within the electromagnetic field while also incorporating other methods of analysis. It is based on the spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of any biological object. The vortex magnetic fields play an important part in information transfer and interaction with the various biological systems. 

Every cell, tissue and organ within our body has its own distinct frequency due to the rotational spin of the atoms within its cells, biofeedback systems allow us to analyse this magnetic vortex. The brain acts as the mainframe for communication within the body and sends instructions via the spinal cord and nervous system. As long as there is a connection between the brain and nervous system, biofeedback systems can use the brain to assess the information it is sending. 

Changes in the wavelengths of tissues and organs can be observed and monitored for pathological changes and bacterial or viral infections. Biofeedback should not be used as a diagnostic tool in isolation but may be able to help people address any issues they are having in their health and make changes accordingly. The data allows us to look at the body in that present moment in an objective state and analyse the organs, tissues, cells even the chromosomes in DNA. 


Biofeedback systems not only detect changes but can also treat. In the same way that frequencies are detected, they can also be reversed and sent back to the body to balance out the area which is showing signs of stress.

Signals can also be sent in to de-power any bacteria or viruses identified. This works in a similar way to how an opera singer might smash a glass, the frequency sent is "almost" the same as the frequency of the bacteria but the slight difference causes such a conflict that it can damage its structure. This weakens the bacteria and helps the immune system to flush them out. 

Bio-resonance can be used in a couple of ways. Firstly it can be used as a stand alone one-off treatment to assess body health and condition or it can be used as a course of treatments to treat specific symptoms or areas identified as stressed by the bio-resonance machine. 

A treatment plan requires a minimum of 4 treatments and is designed to act in 3 ways:

1) Assess

2) Rebalance

3) Rejuvenate




  • 360 Degree Full Body Scan

  • Vitamin & Mineral Assessment

  • Bacterial Research

  • Meridian Scan



  • Immune Boost

  • Meridian Balancing

  • Prioritised Meta-therapy at cellular level



  • Organ level meta-therapy

  • Homeopathic imprinted remedy to continue treatment at home.

  • Lifestyle & Nutritional advice 


Bio-resonance does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions, its aim is to rebalance. It does not analyse quantitative data or physical and structural functioning, instead it looks at the energetic functioning of the body.  The results are relative rather than absolute and show the most important aspects to be addressed relative to other elements. 

What to Expect


There is a lot to take in during the initial treatment as the bio-resonance system enables you to watch the scan as it happens. This is very interesting but can also be quite tiring. The process of treating imbalances can cause patients to feel drowsy and it is perfectly acceptable for them to lay back and fall asleep during the treatment or to feel tired after the treatment. Please allow time to rest and drink lots of water after a treatment.


If you have a particular issue to work on, weekly sessions are advised initially to get the best results.


For health maintenance we recommend having treatments between 1 month-6 months apart depending on your health status.

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