The first consultation gives us time to get to know you and your health in detail. Everyone is unique with their own health history and genetic make up, this session allows us to explore this in detail and to establish what your priorities are. We will evaluate your health from a Traditional Chinese Medicinal perspective and review any dietary issues. This information will then be used to research your case and begin to develop an individualised treatment plan which may include nutritional supplementation and dietary & lifestyle adjustments. 

Those having Bio-resonance therapy will also receive a full 360 degree body scan to assess:

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Pathogens such as bacteria & viruses

  • Disease

  • Physical injury

  • Vitamin and minerals 

ACUPUNCTURE    //     £60    //  90 mins

PAEDIATRIC ACUPUNCTURE    //     £35    //  60 mins

BIO-RESONANCE    //    £90    //   2 hours


During these follow up sessions, we will discuss your progress and how your symptoms may be changing. Any relevant adjustments and additions can be made to your treatment plan at these follow up consultations to ensure you stay on track and are seeing health improvements. 

Weekly 1 Hr follow up consultations should initially be scheduled for approx 4-6 treatments depending upon your progress. 30 Minute follow ups are suitable for pregnant patients and existing patients with longer standing issues that require regular maintenance.

During our 90 minute Bio-resonance follow ups, we may dedicate a session to focusing on the immune system if that is something that is of concern or requires assistance.

ACUPUNCTURE  1Hr   //    £45     //    60 mins

ACUPUNCTURE 30mins   //     £25    //   30  mins

PAEDIATRIC ACUPUNCTURE    //    £20    //    30 mins

BIO-RESONANCE    //    £70    //    90 mins


Facial acupuncture sessions are 90 minutes and during the first session which we will cover your overall health but not in the same depth as other consultations. If you have other health concerns that you would like to discuss please book an initial consultation to do this.

FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE    //    £70    //    90 mins


- Emma M.

- Laura T.





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