Fertility Detox Programme


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Course length


2 Hours

Fertility Detox Programme


Lindsay Fieldhouse

BSc. (Hons), MBAcC, mANP

Lindsay is an Acupuncturist & Naturopath trained in Bio-resonance, Nutritional Therapy and Paediatric Acupuncture. She created this course from a position of first hand experience of experiencing fertility issues & recurrent miscarriages caused by endometriosis.

About the course

- Understand what toxins could be affecting your fertility

- How you can avoid them

- What you can do to help your body eliminate them

- Fertility detox protocol

-Downloadable fertility planner & symptoms checker

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Infertility is on the rise especially “unexplained fertility” which can be a really frustrating diagnosis. The online Fertility Detox Programme opens our eyes to the impact toxins can have on our fertility, explaining what the potential dangers can be from using everyday products from canned foods to instant coffee. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by this Lindsay reassuringly takes us through step by step what we can do to gently detox and give ourselves the best possible chances of conceiving. A must for both practitioners and patients alike.

Rachel Sakwa (Acupuncturist)