Nutritional Psychology


Advice, Coaching and support to help you tailor your eating habits and diet, to suit your personality and constitutional needs.

Food forms an integral part of our life and is closely linked to our emotions, so making change can be very difficult and seeking nutritional advice can be daunting. Lets face it, no-one really wants to hear where they have gone wrong and this was exactly where I was when I decided to began my journey with Nutritional Therapy.

Just like many of you, I recognised that my eating habits needed to improve, so I did what I always do and studied it. The truth is, I thought I knew what I should be eating but what I learnt changed things completely. Even then, I still found change hard, and this is when I discovered eating psychology & hypnosis. It helped me to understand myself better especially what my barriers to success were. From there I could start to envisage and align with the future me that to wanted to see and be.

My approach is based on your personal health as an individual and your constitution. Nutritional advice is personalised for you. I aim to help you to understand the root issue & to coach you through the process of change, step by step, at a speed you are happy with. The basis for change comes from understanding who you are, and what your personality traits are. No two people are alike & all recommendations are tailored for you specifically.

the reason most diets don't work is because we are all so different with different health states. I use Naturopathic Nutrition techniques & using my diagnostic skills as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I can give specific nutritional advice tailored for you and not just your symptoms.

My aim is to EMPOWER you with KNOWLEDGE & CONFIDENCE. Food should be enjoyable and not stressful, so understanding how to eat flexibly is very important.

What is Nutritional Psychology Coaching?

Nutritional Psychology Coaching is a powerful blend of Therapy (Nutritional) & Coaching (Eating Psychology) which is then further supported by hypnosis. Each brings something different to the table:

  • Focus on past you

  • Considers how past habits have shaped your current health.

  • What is your current constitution and how can we balance it?

  • Reviews the what & why you eat

  • Considers how changes to diet can assist changes to health

  • Harnesses the power of self reflection

  • Focused on future you

  • Discovers what motivates you for change.

  • What is your underlying constitution and how can we return to it?

  • Reviews the when & where you eat

  • Considers how our perception of food can help change what we eat.

  • Harnesses the power of self visualisation

Nutritional Psychology
Coaching Programme.

This therapy is not available as a stand alone treatment for the simple reason that to achieve results requires commitment & time. Each session covers a different topic so one session will never be enough. 

The frequency of sessions can be tailored to your goals, some may want to move fast and do weekly sessions whereas others may need more time for each stage and prefer monthly sessions. 

Treatment Structure.

After the initial 2 hour consultation, each session will last for 90 mins and will include time for:

  • Catch up on progress

  • Questionnaire's to discover more about yourself

  • Goal setting & an action plan of what you want to change as a result of this session.

  • 15-30 mins at the end to relax and listen to a hypnosis track which fits your plan. 

Important Notice:

Nutritional therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and we will always refer any client with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms to their medical professional.

"Food is not just calories. It talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, environment and entire health, is your fork"

Dr. Mark Hyman