Digestive enzymes are biological catalysts produced in the body (i.e. in the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas) which break down food into its basic components so that our bodies can absorb the nutrients they require to build and maintain cells, tissues and organs.


  • Cyto-Zyme is a high potency, digestive enzyme complex
  • Cyto-Zyme provides a broad spectrum of plant-sourced enzymes, which digest protein, fat, fibre, dairy, sugars and carbohydrates
  • The plant-sourced enzymes in Cyto-Zyme are bromelain, lipase, protease, amylase, papain, lactase and cellulase
  • We have chosen enzymes that are largely resistant to degradation by hydrochloric acid from the stomach, so they may easily reach the small intestine where most digestion takes place
  • Equally, these enzymes are active in a wide range of pH to allow for individual variations
  • A small amount of hydrochloric acid is included. Hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach to provide an acidic environment for the digestion of food. People may have low levels of hydrochloric acid for a number of reasons

Cyto-Zyme (60 capsules)

  • Nutritional Information

    Cyto-Zyme  - 1 capsule will provide on average:

    Active Nutrient Strength %NRV*
    Bromelain (providing GDU) 100.0mg
    Lipase 100.0mg
    Protease 100.0mg
    Amylase 100.0mg
    Betaine hydrochloride 75.0mg
    Papain (providing protease) 50.0mg
    Lactase 10.0mg
    Cellulase trichoderma 10.0mg
    +NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
    * Indicates no NRV
  • Ingredients

    Bromelain, lipase, protease, amylase, betaine hydrochloride, papain, cellulase trichoderma, lactase, HPMC (vegetable cellulose, capsule shell).

    Non-Active Ingredients:

    HPMC (vegetable cellulose, capsule shell).

  • Directions & Information

    Take 1-2 capsules daily with the main meal of the day, as a food supplement or as directed by a practitioner.


    Keep cool, dry & out of direct sunlight.

  • Allergens

    Non GM & Free From:

    GMO, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, added sugar, colourings & flavourings.

  • Warnings


    This product is not recommended for children under 12 years old, pregnant or lactating women. DO NOT TAKE IF PEPTIC ULCERS ARE PRESENT OR SUSPECTED. Do not use if there is a hiatus hernia or any inflammation of the digestive tract. Do not remove contents from the capsule.