Childrens Acupuncture Follow up

Ancient wisdom and holistic health techniques to aid children's health

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 British pounds
  • Acupuncture Wetherby

Therapy Description

Paediatric Acupuncture is considered a specialist area in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has a growing body of research behind it showing its efficacy. If you would like to know more, the Evidence Based Acupuncture organisation has produced a document compiling all the recent studies involving paediatric acupuncture. Acupuncture and acupuncture-related therapies have shown particular promise in the treatment of many paediatric disorders. Furthermore, acupuncture is considered safe and well-tolerated with a very low risk of serious adverse effects. One of our greatest fears as parents is that our children might become sick and just like you, I wanted to do everything I could to prevent this. What I have learnt has revolutionised how I think about illness in my children and will help me to make better decisions for my children's future. I hope that I can empower other parents with knowledge that will help them too. Please note that in the United Kingdom it is obligatory for a parent or guardian of a child under the age of sixteen to seek conventional medical help for a minor. Complementary medicine of any form does not constitute `conventional medicine’. Please also be aware parents or guardians must be present at all times during the treatment of minors (under 16yrs).

Cancellation Policy

Please note the full fee is payable for any cancellations within 24hrs of the appointment.