Paediatric Acupuncture

Using ancient wisdom and holistic health techniques to tap into children's own natural healing abilities.

Long-term childhood illnesses are increasing with 13–27% of children now being affected by chronic conditions.

Paediatrics is considered a specialist area in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Acupuncture. Children have the ability to grow and change rapidly and this gives them the ability to heal much easier than adults.

Various reviews have found acupuncture and acupuncture-related therapies to show particular promise in the treatment of paediatric pain, cerebral palsy, nocturnal enuresis, tic disorders, amblyopia, nausea and vomiting, digestive disorders, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), and respiratory disorders. Furthermore, acupuncture is considered safe and well-tolerated with a very low risk of serious adverse effects.

The Evidence Based Acupuncture organisation has produced a document compiling all the recent studies involving paediatric acupuncture. This can be viewed at

We all want our children to be strong & healthy without getting ill, but getting sick is a natural way for them to build a healthy immune system. It is only natural that as parents we want to reduce their pain and make them well again as soon as possible.

What I have learnt has revolutionised how I treat illness and will help me to make better decisions for my children's future. I hope that I can empower other parents with knowledge that will help them too.



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Contrary to popular belief Acupuncture is actually a very gentle way to treat illness and can help with many conditions. Chinese medicine views illness as an imbalance so it is always our aim to find and rebalance the root cause rather than simply abating the symptoms only to have them recur again at another time.

Follow up treatments are only 30 mins maximum as the treatment is generally repeated after a quick catch up on progress. Treatment plans are discussed at the first appointment but as a general rule, the longer a condition has persisted, the longer it will take to treat.

Treatment Methods:


Very fine needles or non-needle techniques such as acu-pressure or laser may be used.

Needles are inserted then removed almost straight away in small children. They barely even notice!


Within just over a minute we can assess some of the bodily functions just be asking the child to hold a conductor in their hands (they feel no sensation).

Flower essences are an amazing way to help children's emotional health. Very easy to pop into their water so there is no battle to take any pills etc.



“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them”

Magic Johnson